ACQUA.ecologie / BioMicrobics France elected most innovative water treatment design & consulting firm in France for 2020

After being winner of the SmartPort Challenge Marseille in November 2020 and awarded at Pollutec in December for our innovation in the treatment and recycling of wastewater, we are again rewarded.


The Recycling & Waste Management Awards are proudly hosted for the 3rd year by BUILD and celebrate the achievements and innovations made by the companies and individuals from within the Recycling & Waste Management industry.

After deliberation, the BUILD Magazine jury decided to award the prize for the most innovative water treatment design & consulting firm in France for 2020 to ACQUA.ecologie / BioMicrobics France.

BUILD Magazine aims to cover all the aspects of the Recycling & Waste sector and make sure every company that has innovated and done great work in the past 12 months receives the recognition they deserve. Every company is thoroughly researched, which means our awards are only given on merit and not ow many votes have been received. We investigate many different fields when judging a company such as dedication to customer service and the excellence and innovation that the company brings to their industry but also its growth potential, online reputation and business performance.

With an increasing amount of attention over the past 12 months, the recycling and waste management sector has vastly become a more prominent industry. The Recycling & Waste Management Awards are perfect for all firms within the industry to be able to showcase the hard work they have done and to display any future products or services that they will offer.

Awards in 2020:

Our innovations and the capacity to design treatment solutions have enabled ACQUA.ecologie / BioMicrobics France to receive multiple awards in 2020 : Coup de cœur prize at the Nautic in Paris December 2019, SEAnnovation selection at the Euromaritime exhibition in February 2020, SmartPort Challenge winner Marseille 2020, Pollutec Innovation Laureate 2020, Mer & Littoral Occitanie Project Laureate 2021, selection for a presentation Ecotech innovative solutions for sustainable ports 2020 ! A company with great potential.

Building the future of SmartCity, SmartPort and GreenShip

ACQUA.ecologie / BioMicrobics France expert in the treatment and reuse of water for land and marine environments.

We design innovative, high-performance solutions that eliminate almost all pollutants and recycle water on site. Simple, economical and sustainable, our solutions adapt to all environments, whatever the market (individuals, communities, industry, ports, ships, viticulture, health, army, etc.), even in the most extreme environments, while minimizing life cycle costs.

Our solutions contribute to the preservation of natural resources, the environment and ecosystems as well as the SmartCity, SmartPort and GreenShip of tomorrow.